Our Mission

The textiles industry is arguably the most lucrative, creative, consumer facing industry on earth, and we believe it has the power to change the world.

By collaborating to create a truly circular supply chain, we will reclaim the human, economic, and natural value lost in today’s linear system.

The Circle Textile Programme develops the systems innovations necessary for this transition. Together with our ecosystem of brands, collectors, sorters and recyclers, we produce the critical data, tools, and pilot projects that are building the new foundation for a circular textiles industry.


“While the why of circularity is understood, the how is still largely unknown”
Gwen Cunningham


The textiles and fashion industry has circular intent in a linear system. That’s why we focus on the system innovation that is needed to make aspiration a reality.

  • We collect critical data points to baseline the industry’s current status
  • We identify and articulate key systemic bottlenecks to direct action
  • We match and mobilize our network for greater impact
  • We tackle today’s challenges with innovative pilot projects

Latest News

Guest Blog – how MUD Jeans is walking the walk!

March 16, 2018

Nice to meet you as well Mud Jeans! We find the story behind the circular jeans company very inspiring and are thrilled to give space for a MUD Jeans guest blog:  In 2017 MUD Jeans made a bold shift. At least, that is what it feels like to us. A shift from a start-up to a […]

Global partners commit to develop a circular decision making tool for the fashion industry

February 20, 2018

Global partners VF Corporation, Auping and Orta Anadolu and Circle Economy commit to developing a circular decision-making tool for the fashion industry. February 20, 2018. Today, three frontrunning companies commit to partner with Circle Economy, to develop a circular decision-making tool for the fashion and textiles industry, which will enable businesses to move from circular […]

It’s Real! The Fibersort is now in production

February 15, 2018

The Fibersort is a technology able to automatically sort large volumes of mixed post-consumer textiles based on fiber composition. These sorted materials are perfectly suited to become inputs for textile recycling processes, and commercialisation of the Fibersort will bring closed-loop textiles one step closer to reality.   A solution for the growing textile waste problem […]

The gap in the textiles industry

February 07, 2018

At Circle Economy, we have the distinct privilege of working with a broad range of companies, organisations and individuals to facilitate the transition to a circular economy. Our team is in a unique position to address some of the most fundamental issues of the linear world and facilitate the rise of a future without waste. […]

The Circle Economy community keeps growing!

February 06, 2018

Circle Economy is very proud to announce that our community keeps on growing. We would like to zoom in on seven (!) new organisations who have recently joined our Textiles Programme. VF Corporation is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies. Two of its iconic brands, The North Face and Timberland, will […]

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