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Circle Market [Archive]

Textile excess (aka “waste”) is a global problem, and returning it to the supply chain is an opaque, one-off, and analog process. This lack of standardization and transparency is a significant barrier to a circular textile industry.

By creating a digital tool to connect post industrial, pre consumer, and post consumer excess to reuse and recycling markets, we have the power to deliver both transparency and circularity to the textile industry. Implementing standard grades and terminology within this system enables feedstock supply and recycling technologies to scale at the same pace.

Circle Market is an online trading platform that connects the supply and demand of excess textiles. It is being developed to enable the efficient creation of circular textile supply chains, and it will build them on a standard and transparent framework.

This is important, because it enables all of the players in the circular textiles value chain to connect, reduce waste, and accelerate the transition to a better industry.


“This is ‘alibaba meets a dating site for recyclers’. Circle Market will increase the breadth of our potential customers and capacity of our operations. It’s the stock exchange of recyclable fibers.”
Recover, textile-to-textile cotton recycling company

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