We envision an economic system that ensures the planet and all people can thrive

Everything we do at Circle Economy is guided by the vision: an economic system that ensures the planet and all people can thrive. We are a global impact organisation founded in 2011, and to date have worked with over 120+ businesses, 51+ cities and 23+ nations around the world.
Our practical and scalable approach is focused on empowering decision-makers from the public and private sectors to develop and implement circular economy strategies and business models. We do this by combining research, data, and digital tools for the greater good.

Our goal: doubling global circularity in the next 10 years

The current economic model is smashing through the planet’s safe limits. Today, the global economy is 7.2% circular—down from 9.1% only six years ago. It relies too heavily on virgin materials, causing environmental devastation across land, water and air. A global circular economy could reduce material use by one-third, leading to a world that is twice as circular and safer for the planet and all of its living beings.

Learn more about the multitude of other benefits circular economy provides in the latest Circularity Gap report.
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Wellbeing for  people and the planet

We aim to drive a circular transition that delivers environmental, economic and social benefits. In doing so, we work to actively improve the link between the circular economy and wider global issues. These include greenhouse gas emissions, resource scarcity, resilient business models, labour and social equality. The global circular transition must be people-centric, resource-safe and climate-smart.

Why now and why the circular economy?

Our world's resource consumption has tripled in the last 50 years: we now consume more than 100 billion tonnes each year. Our latest flagship Circularity Gap Report highlighted that only 8.6% of these resources are cycled—or reused—and 70% of greenhouse gasses are directly linked to the extraction, handling, and consumption of materials. In other words, our out-of-control consumption patterns and systems are directly linked to the current climate crisis.

The circular economy offers solutions to drastically reduce material-related emissions, as well as to address other systemic flaws from biodiversity loss to global inequality.

Read more about the link between resources and greenhouse gas emissions in our Circularity Gap Report 2021
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our approach

A circular economy that is understandable, relevant, and actionable.

The 'why' of a circular economy is clear — but the how remains unknown.
When implementing the circular economy, key actors can struggle to find and unite the right partners, uncover the data and tools needed to identify and apply circular strategies, and measure progress. They lack the evidence needed to convince key stakeholders that the circular economy is the right way to go — and may have limited resources to drive action even once they have committed. Overall, our dominant linear systems—legal, cultural, financial, or technological — hinder efforts to bring about change.

Circle Economy works to overcome these barriers. We use hard data and facts to create roadmaps for action and inform decision making. We build digital products that can be tailored to specific contexts, making the circular economy understandable and actionable. And we do this across crucial topics and impact sectors.

Our impact at-a-glance

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gender equality plan
Equality of opportunity is an integral value to Circle Economy to ensure fair access and equity for all of its employees. That is why Circle Economy does not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality and ethnicity.

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lopes cardozo
COO and Director Digital
Director of Goverments and Institutions
de wit
Director of Businesses
Head of Research and Development
goodwin brown
Circular Jobs Initiative Lead
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van ogtrop
Founder & Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Circle Economy, Board Member of PACE, “Going Circular” Executive Producer, Board Chairman of African Parks, Investor. Building the foundation for a circular society.
prof. dr.
louise E.M. VET
Former Director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), em. Professor in Evolutionary Ecology, Wageningen University.
Executive in Residence at the Oxford Said Business School. Board Member and Trustee.
Technology Investor, Executive Director at Olympia Group, and Senior Advisor at Perella Weinberg and K Group. Formerly CEO of Kinnevik, Chairman of Avito, Global Fashion Group, Rocket Internet and Lazada, and Board Member of Millicom, Tele2 and Zalando.
van der Heijden
Director-General International Cooperation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
Clean Energy Expert and Former CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

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