Redesigning construction as we know it

Towards a circular built environment

About the programme

The built environment sector largely exists to serve our universal need for shelter, and as such is one of the most important consumers of raw materials in the world.

We believe the built environment should be a ‘living’ system in which building materials and products are optimally used and reused— a system that operates within the boundaries of our planet, preserves the (business) value of its resources, and ensures the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Together with our network of innovative and forward-thinking members; we are building the foundation for a circular built environment by (1) collaborating on the development and inclusion of circularity assessment indicators in sustainable construction standards, (2) developing the knowledge, insights, and (digital) tools needed for a circular built environment, and (3) building new, innovative ventures, and transforming existing ones

Tremendous opportunities to reverse the tide and prevent a state of lock-in from happening exist for regions where the built environment sector has yet to mature. There is also still hope for those regions where the fate of the construction sector may seem set in stone.

This is why the programme focuses on two key strategies:

- Preventing lock-in through thoughtful design
- Optimising (material value) through transformative re-design

It is our goal to spark creativity within these constraints and innovate to transform the industry.


Built Environment Lead
Junior Consultant Built Environment