Redesigning construction as we know it

Towards a circular built environment 

About the programme

Circle Economy’s Built Environment Programme provides practitioners, policymakers and the industry with the knowledge, tools and evidence to act. We envision a circular system in which natural and man-made environments work together, allowing people and the planet to thrive. We accelerate the circular transition with building and material optimisation, cutting-edge implementation of circular innovations, and risk assessment and mitigation planning. 

Earth’s naturally regenerative systems are being damaged by the impacts of man-made structures. In today’s linear system, the built environment consumes 50% of our virgin materials and accounts for 35% of worldwide waste—creating 39% of society’s CO2 emissions along the way. 

Together with our network of innovative and forward-thinking members, we are building the foundation for a circular built environment by:

1. Collaborating on the development and inclusion of circularity assessment indicators in sustainable construction standards.

2. Developing the knowledge, insights and (digital) tools needed for a circular built environment.

3. Building new, innovative ventures and transforming existing ones.