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Beyond Green is an annual symposium on the future of fashion organised by Circle Economy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Beyond Green uses the collective power of students and industry players to tackle critical issues throughout the fashion system.

“The opportunity that exists for brands and retailers to engage with students will potentially put them at the cutting edge of innovation”
Liesl Truscott, Director, Textile Exchange

If we want to change what “business-as-usual” means for the fashion and textiles industry for the better, we need to include those who will inherit the industry into the conversation. We believe that it is critically important for the next generation of fashion professionals to be actively engaged in the topic of sustainability and circularity, and that an open line of communication is established between education and industry.

By breaking down the barriers between industry and education, we aim to spark collaboration between both parties to drive fresh ideas and new circular innovations.

beyond green

At Beyond Green, new and established minds come together and push the boundaries of what we know, and realise what we dare to imagine.

Each year, AMFI students join forces with leading industry players including G-star, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, VF corporation, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (among others), to design new solutions for the fashion industry.

At Beyond Green, we:

  • Showcase the latest strategies, technologies and developments in the field of circular textiles.
  • Inspire attendees to take the next step towards implementing circular strategies.
  • Trigger action and collaboration between industry and students

The event brings together both inspiration and action:

beyond green

Beyond Green kicks off with a series of keynote speakers, ranging from innovative brands, to pioneering technologies, who are at the forefront of the movement towards circularity.

beyond green

3-hour long afternoon workshops match selected students with sustainability experts, entrepreneurs and brands to design innovative solutions to company-specific problems. Each table is sponsored by industry partners, who bring a ‘real-life’ challenge of theirs to the table that relates to the theme. This challenge is the focus of the session.

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