Our educational workshops will equip your design, marketing, and CSR teams with in-depth knowledge of the key terminologies, players, and strategies in the circular textiles space. These interactive trainings will develop the mindset and skillset you need to advance circularity within your organisation across 5 key topics: an introduction to circularity, sourcing and design, business model innovation, end of life supply chain, and branding and communications.
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Tailored support

We also offer tailored support to organisations in the textiles industry. From mapping opportunities for your brand to recover value from textiles waste, to assessing the feasibility of specific recycling solutions for your organisation, we are eager to tailor our advice to your organisation’s specific needs. 
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Our membership brings together businesses and institutions that have a shared ambition to make the circular economy a reality. As a member, you will gain access to a global network of change makers, thought leaders, peers, and stakeholders that share this common goal, including an important number of recyclers, sorters, brands, and other relevant stakeholders in the textiles industry. 
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