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Together with a wide range of stakeholders and partners, we ensure that our analysis and expertise feed into the unique environmental and social goals of cities and regions. By assessing urban material flows, measuring key indicators, building local capacity, and developing and applying knowledge, we support and enable cities to develop circular strategies and roadmaps and implement circular projects at scale.
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We work with cities and regions, partners and multilateral organisations 
to put the circular economy 
into practice.


We use hard data and research to understand the urban metabolism of your city and locate its starting point on the path to circularity. Together with stakeholders, we then envision how your city could look in the future to inform strategies, roadmaps and action plans to help you get there.

To do so, we use different methodologies, developed and perfected over the years:
1. Circle City Scan
2. Circularity Gap Report

Circle City Scan

Practical and
scalable solutions
Our Circle City Scan deep dives into resource consumption and waste generation patterns for different sectors in your city: from the built environment to food and mobility systems. It is a five-phase multi-stakeholder process of co-developing action plans to move you closer to implementation.
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Circularity Gap Report

Create circular strategies: model their potential
Thanks to our innovative methodology, we provide a baseline measurement of circularity for the overall economy of cities and regions. This helps us to understand opportunities for policymakers, businesses and residents to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and circular economic system. By understanding your economy from a physical perspective, you can make data-driven decisions for your city or region.
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‘Circle Assessments are all about 
future proofing’.
—Alison McRae, Senior Director,
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Partners & clients

Our approach
At Circle Economy, we have supported over 70 cities and regions around the world with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action.

With nature as our mentor and data as our guide, we assist cities and regions in pinpointing priorities, simplifying environmental data, fostering collaboration and implementing practical circular strategies.
The circular economy can be approached from multiple angles, making it difficult to know what to do first.

We use data to build a holistic understanding of how your city currently manages its resources. From the built environment to food systems, we identify key challenges and opportunities to inform local actions that have the most impact.
Quantitative analyses of resource and waste patterns are often complex and challenging to comprehend.

We translate this information with easy-to-understand visuals, such as Material Flow Analyses, allowing diverse stakeholders to recognise their roles in making your city more circular.
Local governments often have limited resources and lack the right partnerships to realise a circular economy.

We engage diverse stakeholders to create a common understanding of local challenges and opportunities. The resulting shared sense of ownership helps to break down silos within government and to inspire non-governmental stakeholders to play their part.
Take action
The circular economy sounds great in theory, but it can be difficult to translate into impactful action on the ground.

We help policymakers identify leverage points and circular interventions to shape an urban strategy for the circular economy.
Capacity building 

and development
Feeling overwhelmed by
the complexities of implementation?

Our Capacity Building and Development workshops offer tailored guidance, leveraging seven years of experience to empower your city with the skills and knowledge needed to kick start its circular journey.

We have a long history of designing and facilitating in-person and online workshops with city stakeholders. Our approach makes the most of our experience with evidence-driven circular economy strategy design, and participatory and multi-stakeholder processes.
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Prepare and plan
Tailored to assist cities in laying the groundwork for circular projects, ensuring seamless implementation of programs and initiatives.
Facilitate and act
Tailored to assist cities in laying the groundwork for circular projects, ensuring seamless implementation of programs and initiatives.
Research and
thought leadership
Curious about practical solutions to inspire your city's environmental goals?

We produce cutting-edge research and generate thought-provoking insights at the forefront of the circular economy. We aim to explore new topics that contribute to a better understanding of circular economy solutions, challenges and opportunities, and their implementation in urban spaces, across different sectors and contexts.
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Our areas of expertise in the urban
space include:
Digital tools for
circular cities
Want to learn more about the benefits of the circular economy?

To increase our work’s impact, we developed digital tools to provide as many people as possible with our research and actionable insights. We want to break down knowledge barriers to the circular transition, so these tools are available to use for everyone—from cities themselves to all partner organisations.
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Our digital offering includes:
Our team of experts
Hatty Cooper
Director (Nations and Cities)
Jordi Pascual
Cities Lead
Claudia Alessio Detto Grassi
Cities Strategist
Kristin Strandberg
Cities Strategist
Pau Ruiz
Cities Analyst
Vojtech Vosecky
Rita Cruz
Cities Project Manager
Danai Louzioti-Angeli
Research Analyst
Let's work together today on the 
circular cities of tomorrow
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