At Circle Cities, we take a strategic and practical approach to the creation of circular cities. Through our research and on-the-ground experience working with cities throughout the world, we have developed practical and scalable tools and methodologies to empower cities, regions and urban changemakers to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

Circle City Scan

The Circle City Scan is a fact-based innovation and transformation process based on a local multi-stakeholder model that aims to develop practical and scalable solutions in cities to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Together with city officials, local businesses, and non-governmental changemakers, we identify circular opportunities based on socio-economic and material flow analyses. Considering the city’s individual context, these opportunities are translated into a visual roadmap for action.

Thriving Cities Initiative 

The Thriving Cities Initiative (TCI) is the programme we have developed in collaboration with Kate Raworth and C40, with the contribution of Janine Benyus and her team Biomimicry 3.8, and it has been piloted in Amsterdam, Philadelphia, and Portland. The programme is designed to be a journey for cities to explore and embrace a vision for a thriving city that appreciates what makes cities unique while understanding its global influence and responsibility. The programme brings together diverse city representatives to understand how cities can be home to thriving people in this thriving place, while respecting the wellbeing of all people and the whole planet. 
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Capacity Building and Empowerment

Transformative change towards truly circular cities requires engagement and action throughout the city. We support local stakeholders to catalyse momentum within cities towards the implementation of circular policy and business solutions. We do this through a suite of workshops to bring city officials on board and provide capacity building and training, best practices and on-the-ground support to address the unique goals and challenges of the city.
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We help cities answer questions related to where there is potential for the circular economy to create jobs, and what skills are needed to execute them using our circular employment metrics and methodologies. Measuring the current state of circular jobs of a city or region can help to inform education, training, and talent policy in order to foster a circular economy that works for all. Learn more about our Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy Programme, or get in touch today for more information
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