Towards a zero waste industry

Preventing and reducing
the textiles waste mountain

About the programme

We enable the infrastructure needed to valorise textile waste at end-of-life and increase apparel brands’ capacity to adopt circular strategies.

Our mission is to connect a circular supply chain of producers (manufacturers, retailers and brands) and solution providers (collectors, sorters, recyclers, remanufacturers, logistics, laundry etc), in order to:

  • Reduce the textiles waste mountain, by enabling the data, technology and infrastructure needed to valorise textile waste at end-of-life and
  • Prevent the textiles waste mountain, by increasing apparel brands' capacity to assess and adopt circular strategies


The Circle Textiles Programme (CTP) was launched in 2014 as the first sector programme within Circle Economy. Since 2014, CTP has completed many projects with focus areas of textile-to-textile recycling, circular business models, design for cyclability, technology assessments and circular infrastructure developments and expanded every year due to the powerful projects it develops and executes. Its community of supporters, members and strategic partners also continue to grow; with foundation support from the Laudes Foundation and in close collaboration with partners such as Gap, Oxfam, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, VF Corporation and Fashion for Good. The majority of our work are multi-year and multi-stakeholder practical projects, a selection of which can be found below.

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