What is on course?

On Course is a circular educational programme for textiles and apparel educators and professionals. We build organisations’ capacity on topics such as circular design and business models, and support with strategy or curriculum development.
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The circular economy marks an exciting opportunity for the apparel and footwear sector but at the same time requires product departments to drastically change how they operate. We engaged with Circle Economy to gain new skills to navigate this change. The training was well structured, theory and practice were rightly balanced and it definitely helped us to think out of the box and integrate circular design into the creative process.

– Marianella Cervi, Sustainability & Responsibility EMEA at VF Corporation
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We are thrilled with the results of our circularity training from Circle Economy. Thanks to the training’s tailored approach, the team was able to educate and inspire both our creative and operative teams, garnering a slew of positive feedback. Our company’s needs were closely attended to, made obvious by the use of content and tools. The recommendations given after the training clearly reflected our standpoints and lit a clear path for future action. Circle Economy’s identification of opportunity areas complements our current strategy—and ramps up our long-term ambitions going forward.

– Karol Trejo, Manager of Corporate Sustainability at Puma
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Why On CoursE

In the past few years, the textile industry has begun to embrace the circular economy and sustainability at an unprecedented pace. The industry consensus is growing and the publicly signed commitments such as:  the Global Fashion Agenda, United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and the G7 Fashion Pact signal a massive drive towards the implementation of a carbon neutral circular apparel industry.

But while the ‘why’ of circularity is widely understood, the ‘how’ is left largely unanswered.

To bridge this gap, answer the industry needs and scale the desired impact, Circle Economy is excited to engage more and more brands and educators through our immersive training programmes.

About the Circle Textiles Programme

The Circle Textiles Programme works towards creating a zero waste industry by enabling the infrastructure needed to valorise textile waste at end-of-life and increasing apparel brands’ capacity to adopt circular strategies.

Together with Circle Economy’s member community of over 40 institutions including:  brands, recyclers, collectors and sorters, we aim to produce the critical data, tools, technology and business models that are building the new foundation for a circular textiles industry.

Our team expertise comes mainly from inventing and managing multi stakeholder projects such as Alliance for Responsible Denim, Switching Gear, Dutch Circular Textile Valley or the Fibersort Project and developing tools as Circle Fashion Tool.
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