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Circle Fashion Tool

We are producing and consuming at an ever-increasing pace – global consumption has doubled in the last fourteen years – and at that same time, consumers are wearing their garments for half as long. The solution, a circular textile industry, keeps textiles or fibres functioning at their maximum potential. Rather than being wasted, these materials re-enter into a system that creates value again and again.

While an increasing number of companies recognize the logic of closing the loop, there is a significant lack of quantitative evidence on the tradeoffs between circular and linear business models. Therefore, many companies, unwillingly, remain in ‘sit & wait’ mode.

That’s why Circle Economy, with the support of the C&A Foundation, is developing The Circle Fashion Tool – a digital tool that empowers brands to move from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’.

The CFT is a decision-making tool that helps brands evaluate circular opportunities for their business and end of life options for their textile excess. A diagnosis is given on the practical and environmental implications, as well as economic impacts between scenarios. The 4 part modular tool:

  1. Supports suppliers/brands by providing insight into their textile waste streams and overall circular performance
  2. Educates suppliers/brands on available circular strategies and opportunities, assessing the best fit options for their business.
  3. Enables suppliers/brands to operationalise selected circular strategies and opportunities by finding the right partners.
  4. Enables suppliers/brands to model the practical implications (business & environmental case) of circular opportunities.
Current Status and upcoming testing

Current Status and upcoming testing

Throughout 2018, ongoing testing has been conducted with three of our global partners, VF Corporation, Auping and Orta Anadolu. Our close working relationship has provided feedback on the concept and functionalities of the CFT, enabling the development team to better align with market demand, making improvements based on practical testing in real-life scenarios.Circle Economy is now accepting further requests for testing from those keen to inform the development of this tool, while utilizing its benefits within their company.Want to try the Circle Fashion Tool? We’d love to bring you onboard and will be conducting further testing from Jan 2019.  Partners will test the tool and participate in follow up calls to advise and give feedback on the experience and results. Circle Economy’s team will use the case studies further develop the optimum functionality of the tool. Contact us to learn more.

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