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Circle Economy and Fashion for Good have joined forces to drive the formation the Switching Gear Enabling Network: a global network of over 50 circular innovators, frontrunning brands and relevant experts. The network is carefully curated to include relevant stakeholders that are needed to scale rental and recommerce (resale) business models in the apparel industry.

The purpose of this network is to support the Switching Gear project pilots and accelerate the uptake of recommerce (resale) and rental business models in the wider apparel industry. Members of the network are united in their aim to reduce the overall impact of the apparel industry by shifting to new commercially feasible consumption models that optimise the active service life of garments/products.  

Core Objectives of the Network

Build Knowledge: Share the learnings and insights from experience gained;

Establish Networks: Connect brands with circular solution providers and innovators;

Create Exposure: Elevate the topic of rental and recommerce to the global industry agenda.

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