Gwen Cunningham

GWEN Cunningham


Gwen leads Circle Economy’s Textiles Programme and is the Sustainability Coordinator at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. In both roles, her focus is in the design and execution of cutting edge initiatives focused on increasing the circularity acumen of brands, educators and students. Gwen’s passion lies in developing new knowledge, tools and processes that can successfully guide organisations and individuals in transforming circular intent to action.


Circular fashion & textiles

Hélène is a circular textiles expert, driven by the mission to develop new approaches that contribute to a circular, zero waste textile industry. In 2014 she founded the Circle Textiles Programme at Circle Economy and for the past 3 years has been working as an independent associate of the Circle Textiles Programme, leading on several key projects.

Hélène and Gwen will co-manage the circular innovation programme and as experts on circular economy, they will work with the teams to develop an in-depth and actionable knowledge of circular business models in fashion, and guide the design and launch of pilots.

Gwen Cunningham
Jean-Casimir Morreau

Jean-Casimir Morreau

Design thinking & Leadership development

Casimir is an expert in facilitating creative sessions and coaching entrepreneurs and teams on innovation, strategy, and culture. He also teaches Brand Strategy and leadership at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Casimir has an MA in interactive design and has mastered the art of facilitation through programmes like Hyperisland and Kaospilots.Casimir will facilitate several design thinking masterclasses and work with the teams to foster organisational learning and develop innovation mindsets.


Organisational change

Simona is an Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. Her research studies the underlying processes that trigger the success or failure of sustainable innovations such as circular economy, in order to identify strategies that contribute to the dynamics of innovation systems.

Gwen Cunningham
Jean-Casimir Morreau

Denise Reike

Innovation management

Denise is a Junior Assistant Professor and PhD Candidate at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. Her research studies the collaborations within and between organisations in designing circular business models, specically how different actors in an innovation process relate and interact to enable business model innovation. Simona and Denise will analyse the important soft-factor collaboration that is necessary in accelerating circular business models, as well as the perceived drivers and barriers that fashion brands experience during implementation.


To support the practical implementation of the Switching Gear pilots, and enable the wider uptake of circular business models in the apparel Industry, Circle Economy have joined forces with strategic partner Fashion For Good. Through this partnership, Circle Economy and Fashion for Good will work together to drive the formation of a powerful global Enabling Network of over 50 circular solution providers and innovators, frontrunning brands and relevant experts, in the next 2.5 years.


Bringing together four unique initiatives, Bridging the Gap strives to advance implementation of circular business models that make fashion with safe, non-virgin and renewable materials that are endlessly used and reused. The group consists of Circle Economy, London Waste and Recycling Board in partnership with QSA Partners, Forum for the Future and World Resources Institute in partnership with WRAP. Each of these initiatives target different actors across all levels of the apparel value chain to share knowledge, craft guidelines and initiate pilots. To deepen the impact of their work, Bridging the Gap was established by C&A Foundation as a formal learning group, in which the organisations work through common challenges together and share best practice.