We deliver practical support and insights that governments and industries can use to develop their knowledge, capacity and adopt circular strategies that have a positive social impact.

Define and measure circular jobs

We define and measure circular jobs for governments and industry to inform the development of circular economy interventions, and map the skills needed to drive circular strategies across different value chains, countries and cities. We display these results on the Circular Jobs Monitor and Ganbatte.World.
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Analyse the socioeconomic impacts

We analyse the socioeconomic impacts of circular economy strategies—at the city, national and value-chain level—with the help of local partners and our established frameworks.
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Strengthen national and local capacity

We translate our skills insights into guidance, hands-on trainings and e-learnings that people, organisations and institutions can use to reskill and upskill for the circular economy.
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Generate and gather knowledge and best practices

We showcase examples of circular economy practices and socioeconomic policies around the world, including the people that drive them and the opportunities and challenges they face.
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