Jobs in the Circular Economy Initiative

What is it?

Jobs in the Circular Economy is a joint initiative of Circle Economy, the International Labour Organization and the World Bank’s Solutions For Youth Employment (S4YE) Program. It aims to create evidence and tools to unlock the potential of the circular economy for promoting innovation, sustainable enterprise, and ensuring decent work for all.

Our initiative was born from the idea that we need better data and evidence to understand how the circular economy can lead to a more just and inclusive world. This concerns both global progress towards this goal and the challenges and opportunities posed in specific countries, sectors and value chains.

Our goal and strategy

Our overarching goal is to develop compelling evidence on current work in the circular economy and support pathways towards more effective environmental, social and economic policies and interventions which can enable fair and just societies.

Our main objective is to use authoritative data to increase awareness and understanding about opportunities and challenges related to the creation of more and better jobs in the circular economy.

Our approach

We conduct in-depth analyses of the circular economy and decent work landscape through rigorous and high-profile reviews as well as deep dives in the selected countries, sectors and value-chains.
We develop consistent and authoritative methodologies, assessments and indicators for measuring the circular economy's potential for creating decent work, and share them via open access platforms and channels.
We raise awareness and share knowledge about the circular economy and its potential for creating decent work by designing and delivering training programs, workshops, and other capacity-building interventions that target different audiences, including policymakers, businesses, workers, and communities.
We foster partnerships and collaboration among various stakeholders, including governments, industry, employers’ organizations, trade unions, research institutions, and civil society organizations, to leverage their expertise and resources for driving systemic change.

Read our latest report:

Decent work in the circular economy
An overview of the existing evidence base
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Decent work in the circular economy: An overview of the existing evidence base
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Understanding the circular economy: measuring, modelling and monitoring circular jobs
9th May 2023
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A circular economy that works for everyone, Accelerator Session at World Circular Economy Forum, Helsinki 2023
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