Harnessing the power of countries and regions to close the circularity gap

Sectoral Roadmaps and Strategies

We support the development of circular economy roadmaps for key industrial value chains, both at a national and cross-regional levels from various angles:

We conduct different types of assessments which help our clients to:
Identify relevant policies to take into consideration in the development of a circular economy roadmap (policy and regulatory analysis);
Establish the current state of circularity in the selected value chains and identify relevant circular opportunities (metabolism analysis);
Evaluate the potential impact and feasibility of these interventions (socio-economic and environmental assessment, feasibility analysis).
We lend our expertise in circularity metrics and indicators to develop a monitoring framework for the transition of the selected sectors.
We have proven expertise in textiles, the built environment and food and agriculture and can tailor our approach to other industries.
To succeed in their circular ambitions, countries and regions need to ensure the participation of key local stakeholders. We build coalitions of relevant stakeholders from the private and public sectors as well as civil society to validate and endorse findings throughout the research process.
Our analyses provide decision-makers with evidence-based recommendations to effectively steer the circular economy transition agenda for key industrial value chains.

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our projects

This report, launched by UNIDO Egypt in partnership with Circle Economy, highlights the results of a denim-recycling pilot named "RE.ACT".
Putting circular textiles to work
The Netherlands has set an ambitious goal: full circularity by 2050 and halved resource consumption by 2030.
A circular economy can help LAO PDR become net carbon neutral by 2040
This is according to a new report by Shifting Paradigms, published in collaboration with Dutch partners Circle Economy and Rebel Group, as well as Earth Systems and DFDL from Lao PDR.
Climate change mitigation through the circular economy
This report uncovers the range of socio-economic and environmental co-benefits that circular mitigation interventions can bring to GEF countries of operation.

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