Worn Again
Developing circular recycling tech for textiles, recapturing raw materials from end use textiles
Wolkat collects, sorts, recycles and re-develops textile
VF Corp
Powering sustainable and active lifestyles movements for the betterment of people and planet
One of Europe's leading organisations for collecting, sorting and recycling used textiles
Packaging service for return and reuse of delivery packaging for online retailers and their users
A 100 year old company, who for nearly 70 years has been the worlds foremost cotton waste upcycler
Oxfam Ireland
Development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty
Otto Group
Among the biggest e-commerce companies, always bearing the welfare of people and nature in mind
Orta Anadolu
Promoting denim manufacturing at the intersection of people, planet and purpose
MUD Jeans
High quality jeans made from old denim
Social enterprise preventing landfill through collection and sale of reusable goods
Good sleep, 100% fully recyclable mattresses.