Circle City Scan Tool

The Circle City Scan Tool enables local governments to discover and prioritise circular opportunities for their city or region, based on proprietary and publicly available socioeconomic and material flow data, relevant circular case studies, and users’ input as to which sectors, materials, and impact areas are a priority in local agendas. 

The tool builds on Circle Economy’s expertise helping cities and regions develop circular economy action plans over the last five years, including cities such as Amsterdam, Glasgow, Basel, Almaty, Philadelphia, and more.

Current status

A prototype of the tool is available online for all to freely explore, but we encourage potential users to apply to join our beta programme to receive guidance and support from the Circle Economy team and to share your input and feedback with us. Interested parties can apply to join the programme through the tool's contact us page.

The current prototype was developed in collaboration with organisations at the forefront of the circularity transition in their cities, in Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Ghana, US, Canada, and Spain. 

Over the next nine months, to ensure the tool can be adapted to fit different regional contexts and addresses real needs, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability will be testing it in 10 pilot cities from three world regions (Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe). Under the guidance of Circle Economy, staff from ICLEI regional offices will help the pilot cities to use the tool, support local data collection and facilitate stakeholder engagement. The process will provide the pilot cities with an overview of how much of the materials flowing through their jurisdiction are consumed and wasted, and where they can intervene to shift their economies toward circularity. The learnings from this process will be used to further improve the tool in future.

Tool walk-through

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The Circle City Scan Tool was made possible thanks to generous funding from the Mava Foundation. 

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Network partner

ICLEI supports the creation and implementation of the Circle City Scan process together with multiple cities around the world through their 22 regional offices. In 2020, Circle Economy partnered with ICLEI to pilot the Circle City Scan Tool in ten cities across Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe

Advisory partner

EMF provides strategic advice to the Circle Lab for Cities team, including expert knowledge from key individual experts and organisations in the field and ongoing input toward a common vision and narrative to cities and key stakeholders of the platform. 

Technology partners

Metabolism of Cities and GeoFluxus are critical for the project team to ensure the continued development and scaling of content like knowledge, data, and tools. We welcome additional partners who would like to contribute.

Strategic partner

Metabolic works together with us to create a single open-access platform for cities that brings together the best possible data, analytical tools, and resources to accelerate circular and sustainable urban development.

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