Using digital to accelerate and scale the circular economy

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Our vision is to create a future in which anyone powering the circular economy has access to the data and knowledge they need to make responsible and informed decisions. We need to make data more accessible, across sectors and regions, building knowledge channels for dissemination. Governments and businesses around the world are increasingly demanding knowledge to accelerate their transition to the circular economy. To respond to the demand, we must first create a common understanding of circularity, economies, and impact, aligning measurements, evidence and efforts.

The Global Data Alliance 

To ensure that we can start using data for good, we are building the Global Data Alliance:  a network of businesses, public and research institutions, multilateral organisations and circular expert organisations. The Global Data Alliance works towards the aggregation of information and data, structures knowledge, and enables insight sharing and best practice for nation states, cities, businesses and communities across the globe. 

Digital Tools for Impact

The data collected through the Global Data Alliance will power an integrative, multidisciplinary approach towards analysis, measurements, decision making and action plans. It also establishes the data foundation for tools, aimed at helping everyone make tangible practical steps towards more sustainable practices, designed and developed with and for the people making the change possible on the ground. 

Current tools

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