The Circular Phone

A Community of Practice, with Circle Economy, Fairphone, Sustainable Finance Lab, PGGM, ING, ABN AMRO, NBA, Allen & Overy and Circularise, present a practical toolkit for Product-as-a-Service models.

Presenting solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and financiers. Using Fairphone as a leading example, the unique interdisciplinary consortium was able to break through the financing pitfall surrounding the circular business model and shares a legal Circular Service Contract and a financial cash flow tool to support Product-as-a-Service models.

Legal, operational and financial solutions to unlock the potential of the 'Fairphone-as-a-Service' model

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A practical toolkit to start your Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) model

PaaS implies a growing balance sheet and a high working capital demand while returns evolve over a longer timespan. It is therefore difficult to interpret with the current financing, legal and accounting standards. Follow our financial guide to develop a cash tool for PaaS models. 

Guide to the Service Cashflow Tool

PaaS involves a contractual agreement between the service provider and the client (compared to one transaction in the case of a regular sale). Following our open-source ethos, we present a contract template to support PaaS initiatives.

Circular Service Contract

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