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Circle Economy is very proud to announce that our community keeps on growing.

We would like to zoom in on seven (!) new organisations who have recently joined our Textiles Programme. VF Corporation is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies. Two of its iconic brands, The North Face and Timberland, will join forces with Circle Economy to identify and build new circular opportunities and jointly test and develop the Circle Fashion Tool, together with leading denim manufacturer Orta Anadolu and pioneering bedding company, Auping. Quality and circularity go hand in hand, as demonstrated by new members, The Next Closet and the London based fashion brand Dagny. Leading technologies, such as mechanical recycler Recover and chemical recycler Worn Again Technologies, are critical solution providers for textiles waste – we are delighted to continue these partnerships and welcome new members in this space.  Read more about them below!

Auping is Dutch bedding and mattress company that is committed to becoming fully circular by 2020. They have recently announced that they will be creating a mattress that is fully recyclable. We are excited to support them in their journey to circularity!

We are very excited to have this new London based brand join as a member. Dagny was established with circularity at its core and they prove that great fashion can be sustainable. Dagny has set itself a bold goal: to minimize the footprint of garment manufacturing while maximizing the positive impact that conscientious design and production can have.

The Next Closet
The Next Closet is an online marketplace with the mission to make the second-hand clothing market mainstream. They are a great example of how business model innovation can support the circular textile industry.

Orta Anadolu
Today, Orta produces over 60 million meters of denim in its Turkey and Bahrain factories and is creating a platform for leading manufacturers to step up and reclaim a denim industry where art, technology and ethics meet for new infinite possibilities of denim today and tomorrow. We are very happy to announce that Orta will support us to test and develop the Circle Fashion Tool.

Recover has been recycling post-industrial clipping waste for over 70 years and four generations of research and development in textile recycling has led to some impressive technical advances that make the quality of Recover’s upcycled yarn comparable to virgin, at a competitive price and with a fraction of the environmental impact.  We are thrilled to have them as a renewed member and partner, as they playa critical role in achieving a circular textiles industry.

Worn Again Technologies
This innovative chemical textile-to-textile recycling technology has the ability to  separate and extract polyester and cotton from old or end-of-use clothing and textiles and ‘recapture’ these fibres for future use. Worn Again is also a project partner for the Fibersort project and has long been pushing the boundaries within the circular textiles industry.

VF Corporation
VF Corporation has launched its newest sustainability strategy in December 2017, which includes an aspirational goal to “lead the large-scale commercialisation of circular business models through brand-led recommerce and rental initiatives”.To start this journey they have joined the Textile Programme as members, where we will work together with Timberland and the North Face to scope circular opportunities and test and develop the Circle Fashion Tool.


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