Stichting Circle Economy Funding

Our Mission

The mission of Stichting (Foundation) Circle Economy Funding is to support projects which either:

  • advance the field of the circular economy by empowering individuals, advancing the knowledge available in the field, and/or creating useful outputs in the form of tools, methodologies, or programs that can be further used by the field of circular economy and sustainability; and or:
  • advance the ability of circular economy practices, examples, innovations, etc. to be used in the public domain by citizens, governments, and the public at large.

Our remuneration policy (ons beloningsbeleid)

The Foundation does not have any employees.

Our activities carried out in 2022

In 2022, Stichting Circle Economy Funding received different gifts and donations from funding organisation: De Hoge Dennen. These funds were used to support the following projects:

  • 'Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative', to update a global circularity metric that measures the state of the world economy and provide new high-level insights into the global metabolism as well as identify key levers for transitioning to circularity, expand and strengthen a global, cross-sector group of stakeholders from academia, businesses, NGOs and governments and progress the alignment and consolidation of metrics for circularity by contributing to the formation of an international group of stakeholders.
  • Enabling Circle Economy in their operational excellence and to support scalability of their services. This includes identifying improvements on operations, customer experience, synergies with Product roadmaps, as well as consistent use of best-practice interface designs, to ensure the relevant brand identity is ultimately deployed and incorporated across digital products and websites. This has resulted in improvements in existing digital tools, as well as launches for newer platforms such as Ganbatte, Circular Assessment Tool (CAT), and Circularity Academy (CAMY).
  • Strengthening the data, information and knowledge base and management of Circle Economy and working towards developing an internal information system to leverage efficiencies for data collection, analysis and insights generation. This was done through the coordination of a knowledge network for both content, frameworks, and data and transforming these two systems into digital products for circular changemakers globally.

Our activities to be carried out in 2023

The Foundation (Stichting) is expected to receive gifts and donations from the following sources, including:

  • De Hoge Dennen
  • and others

These funds will be used to support projects in the field of circularity that support the public good. When Stichting Circle Economy Funding receives proposals for funding that are in line with our mission, proposals will be reviewed by the Stichting Board of Directors.

For more information regarding the internal controls and policies of Stichting Circle Economy Funding, please refer to the attached document: Internal Regulations Stichting Circle Economy.

Address: Keizersgracht 532 1017 EK Amsterdam

RSIN: 852056291

Our board

Chair: Sietze Hepkema

Secretary:  Karin Jironet

Member: Robert-Jan van Ogtrop

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