Harnessing the power of countries and regions to close the circularity gap

Global value chains as a driving force

Global value chains as a driving force
We work with supranational organisations, international financial institutions and multination corporations to support the transformation of industrial value chains, build capacity, improve access to finance and develop the ecosystem to support circular innovations.

Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains

This is a five-year project led by the United Nations Industry and Development Organisation (UNIDO), delivered in partnership with Chatham House, Circle Economy and the European Investment Bank and funded by the European Union.
The project aims to enable an inclusive transition to a circular economy by addressing complex challenges in adopting circularity in low-income countries. Working with multinational corporations and their suppliers, the project will pilot circular projects in textiles,  garments, plastic packaging, electronics and ICT value chains to support lower-income country suppliers in adopting circular economy practices. The project will focus on capacity development, technical expertise creation, circular ecosystem development and access to finance.
European Investment Bank

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