Harnessing the power of countries and regions to close the circularity gap

Translating Theory to Practice; Capacity Building for a Circular Economy.

Translating Theory to Practice; Capacity Building for a Circular Economy.
We provide access to knowledge on the circular economy, building the capacity of stakeholders to turn circular economy principles into a practical reality. We do this through interactive learning programmes that combine theory and practice, from workshops and training packages to online courses and communities of practice.
Our expert team designs and delivers training programmes that are tailored to your goals, whether you are a national government looking to first understand the opportunities that the circular economy presents to your country or region or whether you are an NGO looking to empower local businesses with practical solutions they can start implementing immediately. From introductory workshops to more extensive learning programmes, we combine design thinking and circular economy expertise to tailor and deliver the right training for your needs.
Our train-the-trainer programmes enable local consultants, NGOs and business development providers to upskill local businesses past our intervention, retaining value and skills locally.
Our communities of practice bring collective expertise together to overcome specific challenges faced by decision makers in implementing circular strategies.

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our projects

Oxfam Novib
Since 2019 Circle Economy has been collaborating with Oxfam Novib to develop and deliver a Circularity Services Toolbox and Training for SMEs and business development providers in Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda and Somaliland.

The aim of the project is to promote the uptake and replication of circular business models to enhance economic and environmental resilience.
Training for leaders and decision-makers
We use our knowledge of the circular economy and trends impacting economies and labour markets to develop learning modules for decision-makers.

In 2021, we developed a learning module for leaders of technical vocational education and training (TVET) institutions, which is being rolled out by UNESCO-UNEVOC. The module raises awareness for the skills and jobs we will need to drive climate action with the circular economy, and outlines the role TVET institutions can play in closing the skills gap for the circular economy.