June 26, 2019

Circle Economy has announced an updated participation offer for brands and retailers who wish to join the Cotton Recycling Pilot, a 12-14 month project designed to address barriers to the use of post-consumer recycled cotton and increase supply chain experience with circular textiles. Circle Economy and Recover will bring together supply and demand to establish a mutual understanding of the capabilities and limitations of post-consumer recycled cotton. This update expects to enable brands and retailers to meet their post-consumer recycling commitments and bring circular textiles one step closer. 

Two new knowledge partners are joining the project. WRAP, the UK Waste and Resources Action Programme, works extensively towards catalysing change across sectors with a strong focus on resource efficiency and addressing the economic viability of solutions for the circular economy. As leader of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, WRAP expects to be a key partner in this project. KPMG Advisory S.p.a., the Italian branch of the global advisory group, will contribute their experience and expertise in delivering professional business services to support the growth of companies and markets, focused on innovation as a key pillar of the work they support. 

Through this partnership, WRAP and KPMG Advisory S.p.a. (Italy) will join Textile Exchange and Reblend to support the work of the Cotton Recycling Pilot and share data and insights from past projects and ongoing work. The project is additionally supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. By combining knowledge and working together, industry uptake of recycled post-consumer textiles can be accelerated without reinventing the wheel.  

Applications for brands and retailers to join the project will close on 30 September, so contact us now to work together and make a lasting impact in our industry!

Learn more about the project and get in touch here: 

Cotton Recycling Pilot

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