Unlocking the potential of International Financial Institutions in the circular economy transition: A high-level roadmap

November 10, 2022
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This publication —Unlocking the Potential of International Financial Institutions in the Circular Economy Transition — proposes a series of concrete steps to unlock the potential of international financial institutions (IFIs) to fund the circular transformation. 

It addresses the lack of unified assessment standards for financiers and enables them to better understand the circular investment’s potential value and risk. This high-level roadmap should spur further debate and fine-tuning among key stakeholders and evolve into a formalised and widely accepted action plan in the near future.

The roadmap proposal is the culmination of six months of collaboration with an IFI exchange network. The network, commissioned by the Dutch government and developed by Circle Economy, hosts content specialists from: the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Chatham House, UNEP-FI, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, alongside technical representatives of major international financial institutions and private banks (acting in their own capacity), all of whom work directly on the circular economy strategy of their respective institutions.

Over a series of working sessions, the group convened to discuss the opportunities, bottlenecks and best practices in financing circular projects— and the key actions required to address them. The inclusion of the private sector perspective was invaluable, as its approach to financing the circular economy is often the most advanced.

Are you interested in joining the discussion aimed at developing this suggested roadmap into a formalised document for financing the circular economy? 

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