Top Three Must Reads for 2015: Inspiring and Empowering the Textiles Industry to Close the Loop

February 4, 2016

2015 has been an exciting year for Circle Economy’s Circle Textiles Program. We have enhanced our own expertise through several published reports and articles, below we have listed the three most important publications.  

Sitra: Empowering Sustainable Business Through Service-based Business Models & Circular Strategies

This past summer, Circle Economy and SITRA collaborated on a report to highlight the latest innovations in sustainable business modelling for the textiles industry. The core purpose of the report, ‘Service Based Business Models and Circular Strategies for Textiles’, was to inspire Finnish textile companies to identify promising opportunities and successfully develop new business models, based on circular principles. The conducted research acted as a trigger and starting point for a series of live lectures and workshops involving 126 Finnish brands and retailers, seeking to integrate new services as part of their sustainable strategies. Ten of the most innovative and promising projects were selected, from a global pool of more than 250 participants, to further evaluate their feasibility.

Interested in learning more about the report? [cta link="" ]Click here[/cta]

Closing the Loop: Creating A Common Language for the Textiles Industry

“The moment of now is as turbulent as it has ever been. Nobody wants to be left behind, but the mission to ‘close the loop’ for textiles reaches well beyond the technology and cannot be tackled by one organisation alone.”

Circle Economy’s Circle Textiles Program strives to solidify short and long term strategies for brands which are looking to engage in the circular arena, in our annual MCL Global Report, ‘Closing the Loop’. The 11-page feature editorial outlines a future vision for the industry and was penned in collaboration with pioneering technology partners Worn Again, Recover and esteemed academic Kate Goldsworthy.

Looking for ways to develop your brand’s circular strategies? [cta link="" ]Read the full report[/cta]

Are Closed Loop Textiles the Future of Fashion?

“You cannot have infinite, unfettered growth and fast fashion methods of production and consumption, if you want to protect resources”

Sourcing Journal’s Lyndsay McGregor caught up with the Circle Economy’s Circle Textiles Team, H&M, Worn Again and EvRnu to understand the core opportunities and barriers that are faced when trying to realise circularity within the textiles industry. Want to learn more about the textile industry's transition to circularity?[cta link="" ]Read the full story[/cta]

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