The Circular Economy in Groningen

November 22, 2023

The Circular Economy in Groningen focuses on the Dutch province of Groningen. For nearly sixty years, natural gas extraction was one of the primary economic activities in the region. However, after experiencing extraction-related earthquakes, the province decided to phase out  gas extraction.  Now, Groningen is committed to diversifying and ‘greening’ its economy. To unite residents, organisations, companies, and governments to work towards this goal, a collaboration has been formed: the Dutch National Programme Groningen (NPG). 

Building on the initial €1.15 billion of funding provided by the government for the implementation of the Programme, this report explores four strategic directions to guide NPG’s multi-year investment plans towards a circular economy. Embracing circularity in the transition from an extraction-based system to a more diversified and sustainable economy can yield numerous advantages, including enhanced social welfare, job creation, prevention of additional earthquake damage, and a competitive advantage for the region's main economic sectors—the Chemical and Agrifood industries—on both national and international levels.

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