Roadmap Circular Finance 2030

February 7, 2022

In its new publication—Roadmap Circular Finance 2030—the Sustainable Finance Platform has developed four concrete actions that will promote cooperation within the financial sector, allowing this sector to become a driver of the circular transition.

Download the English summary of the study at the bottom of this page.

The circular economy is a means to an end—our end goal being an ecologically safe and socially just space. And the financial sector plays a crucial role in realising the transition to a circular economy. But it's not easy to go circular in a linear world: companies and projects seeking financing still face many obstacles in transitioning to circularity.

By following the actions outlined in this report, the financial sector can become a lever for and driver of the circular transition.

Are you a financial institution representative, a financial sector advisor or a policymaker? Would you like to accelerate your circular transformation?

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About the working group

The Circular Economy working group was established in 2021 under the Sustainable Finance Platform. Members of the working group are representatives of financial institutions and various other organisations: Circle Economy, Invest-NL, Rabobank, ABN, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, PGGM, ING, Bird&Bird, KPMG, Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants (NBA), NEN, European Investment bank, Nederlandse Waterschapsbank (NWB), Sustainable Finance Lab, Fair Capital Partners, Doen Participaties, Copper8, Nyenrode Business University

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