Introduction to the CIRCelligence indicators framework

December 6, 2021

At Circle Economy, we regularly review circular frameworks to help business identify metrics that work best for their context. The CIRCelligence indicators framework, designed by BCG and introduced in this paper, helps business assess the circularity of their entire value chain—from input to end of life.

It provides a holistic assessment of resources flowing into the business (inflow), of resource use (slow flow) and the type and amount of resources flowing out of the company’s boundaries (outflow). Through a qualitative assessment it also takes into account whether the business model set-up is following circular thinking in itself. 

CIRCelligence is desgined for the high-level management, CSR experts and executives of a business. It requires more input than most other circular economy metrics and hence creates a more thorough and detailed overview of an organisation’s circular performance. Results can also be used to report on the progress. 

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