How social partners can ensure a Just Transition to a circular economy

April 19, 2021
Jobs & Skills

The circular economy changes industries and labour markets. This briefing lays out six ways social partners, such as trade and labour unions, can ensure a Just Transition to the circular economy.

6 steps towards a Just Transition

Being in the centre of workers, businesses and governments, social partners are well positioned to:

  1. Translate circular challenges into opportunities
  2. Create access to training and upskilling opportunities
  3. Act as a redistributive power
  4. Limit trade-offs between social and environmental targets
  5. Connect stakeholders through social dialogue
  6. Promote Industry 5.0

In addition, the briefing provides an overview of key considerations social partners should take into account when designing interventions and steering social dialogue. These range from skills to legal barriers.

Circular Jobs Initiative

Circle Economy is actively strengthening evidence on the shift in and demand for jobs and skills in a circular economy. Our Circular Jobs Initiative defines and identifies circular jobs, analyses the environment needed to create them and maximise their societal benefits, and examines how best technology can play a positive part. We work with employers, workers, governments, multilateral organisations, education institutions and research organisations.

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