How HR professionals can play an active role in the circular economy

April 19, 2021
Jobs & Skills

People make the circular economy go round. That's why businesses must put people first as they design circular models and strategies. This briefing lays out six ways HR professionals can shape organisational culture and build human capital for a circular economy.

6 ways HR can shape the circular economy

HRM practices that are well aligned with circular business models will be an important precondition for sustainable and competitive organisations. HR can play a key role in developing, reinforcing and shifting the culture of organisations towards more sustainable, circular principles. By linking workers, managers, and business departments, HR professionals can:

  1. Provide support through long-term strategy
  2. Bridge the skills gap
  3. Manage projects and mentor workers
  4. Promote circular values
  5. Build and contribute to a circular HRM network
  6. Promote Industry 5.0

The briefing further identifies steps HR professionals need to take to move towards truly circular HRM, ranging from understanding skills needs to rethinking performance management.

Circular Jobs Initiative

Circle Economy is actively strengthening evidence on the shift in and demand for jobs and skills in a circular economy. Our Circular Jobs Initiative defines and identifies circular jobs, analyses the environment needed to create them and maximise their societal benefits, and examines how best technology can play a positive part. We work with employers, workers, governments, multilateral organisations, education institutions and research organisations.

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