Financial Accounting in the Circular Economy: Redefining Value, Impact and Risk to Accelerate the Circular Transition

January 21, 2022

This newest launch from the Coalition Circular Accounting sums up accounting-related opportunities and challenges in the circular transition. Drawing from the CCA's last four white papers based on real-life business case studies, it illustrates the current state of accounting and reporting solutions, and how they can support businesses in driving the circular transition. It finds that going circular in a linear world isn't easy—accounting and financing practices aren't set up to accommodate circular businesses. To do so, we must redefine how we approach three key facets of accounting: value, impact and risk. By changing mindsets, rethinking our existing approaches and taking on more circularity-friendly vocabulary through cross-sector collaboration, accountants and financiers can support the business world in spearheading the systemic shift to a circular economy.

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