September 10, 2020

In its latest whitepaper, the Coalition Circular Accounting explores Facades-as-a-Service as a method to battle waste and increase the circularity of buildings. The Facades-as-a-Service will provide a customisable, dismantable facade that provides a building with ventilation, sunlight regulation and energy generation, all adjustable by remote control. The Product-as-a-Service business model benefits circular construction by incentivising manufacturing companies to retain responsibility for their product and their performance before, during and after its lifespan. 

However, current financing models can present major barriers for companies with circular business aspirations. Asset ownership for example, characterized by an extended balance sheet, is unpopular amongst financiers and suppliers, whilst essential for incentivising a long term business perspective.

In light of these current and persistent financing barriers, the Coalition Circular Accounting has launched a white paper that elaborates on the opportunities and risks of Product-as-a-Service business models. The paper proposes a new contractual structure as an enabler and raises the issue of the misfit between current financing structures and circular business models.

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