Circularity Gap Report, the Netherlands

June 2, 2020
Circularity Gap Report, Nations

The Netherlands is a global frontrunner in the race to circularity with a Circularity Metric of 24.5%. However, the government has ambitious goals: an economy that is 50% circular by 2030 and 100% circular by 2050. The Circularity Gap Report, the Netherlands, recommends wide-ranging ways in which the economy can pivot away from its linear habits across four key sectors: agriculture, construction, manufacturing and energy. The suggested strategies could triple the Dutch metric from 24.5% to 70%.

About Circularity Gap Report for countries

More and more countries are recognising the circular economy as a means to make their economies more competitive, improve living conditions for growing populations, help meet emissions targets and avoid deforestation. But how countries reach an ecologically safe and socially just development space for their people varies greatly. The Circularity Gap Report for Countries provides insight into the best interventions to boost circularity on a national level and the tools to monitor progress.

About the Circularity Gap Initiative

The Circularity Gap Initiative aims to highlight the urgency of the transition to a circular economy and inspire key decision makers in both government and business to coordinate action to accelerate that transition. We do this by bringing together stakeholders from academia, businesses, NGOs and governments to input, evaluate and endorse annual reports on the state of the transition based on the latest scientific evidence.

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