Circularity Gap Report Poland

October 5, 2022
Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative, Nations

Poland is 10.2% circular: of all the resources it uses to meet its residents' wants and needs, nearly 90% stem from virgin sources. At 13.8 tonnes per person, per year, the country's material footprint is moderate—especially in comparison to other European countries. However, fossil fuel use (mostly coal) is high, and extraction significantly exceeds the EU average. This edition of the Circularity Gap Report presents six scenarios for change: by building its circular economy, Poland could cut its material consumption by roughly 40%, bringing it to a more sustainable level, while nearly halving emissions and doubling its circularity. The report also highlights the crucial role of collaboration in the transition to a circular economy, exploring opportunities for a two-way exchange of knowledge and learning between Poland and Norway.

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