Circularity Gap Report, Norway

August 27, 2020
Circularity Gap Report, Nations

The Circularity Gap Report Norway is an in-depth analysis of how Norway consumes raw materials—metals, fossil fuels, biomass and minerals—to fuel its societal needs. Currently, 97.6% of materials consumed each year never make it back into the economy. Norway also has one of the highest per capita consumption rates in the world at 44.3 tonnes per person.

In the face of the climate emergency and the EU's decision to strive for full circularity, Norway's need for a circular transition is urgent. Our report shows that the country can become 45.8% circular by restructuring business and industry. The report dives into six scenarios for a potential way forward and explores how governments and businesses can facilitate circular consumption and prepare the labour market for the transition. With a good tripartite cooperation in Norwegian employment, a highly-educated and digitally competent population and a long history with renewable energy and plastic recycling, Norway is well set to become a pioneer in the circular economy.

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