Circular Jobs & Skills in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

November 30, 2018
Jobs & Skills

A truly circular city requires an inclusive and prosperous job market for all of its citizens. But what is a circular job? Who will be doing this work? And what skills can allow citizens to thrive in a circular economy? Circle Economy presents the report "Circular jobs and skills in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area", the world's first regional deep-dive to explore the character of jobs and skills in the circular economy. The report was produced by Circle Economy and Erasmus University Rotterdam for the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Method update

With the aim of continuous improvement in monitoring jobs in the circular economy, Circle Economy updates its methodology for quantifying circular economy jobs on a yearly basis. Since the publication of this report, the results for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area have been recalculated based on the method update carried out in June 2020.

It follows that the results shown in this report differ slightly from the ones displayed on the online monitor. Please explore the data online via the Circular Jobs Monitor where you can also download the updated data file.

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