Circular Jobs in City Governments

April 11, 2023
Jobs & Skills, Circular Jobs Initiative

This brief—Circular Jobs in City Governments: People Driving the Circular Transition of Urban Governance—dives into the jobs and skills needed to propel circular economy interventions in cities. 

It presents six examples of circular economy interventions that can be used as a tool for city-level governance and creating local impact, spanning areas like energy, waste management, mobility, and public procurement. 

It showcases eight examples of jobs that drive circular economy interventions forward in cities. These jobs are complementary and rely on each other to ensure that circular economy principles trickle down throughout government departments and become a reality in cities worldwide.

The document also groups the key circular roles into three phases: the strategic circle, the project circle and the operational circle. By understanding these circles and their requirements, city governments can secure the right competences, resources and tools needed to adjust their work to circular principles across different departments.

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