Circular Jobs Bulletin 2020

March 5, 2021
Jobs & Skills

Circle Economy's Circular Jobs Monitor gathers and displays the number and range of jobs that are part of the circular economy. 

This bulletin introduces the monitor and provides a snapshot of data that was entered on the monitor in 2020. This includes data for several territories in Northern Europe and North America, including Amsterdam, Flanders, Scotland and New York City. For each territory that is entered on the monitor, an overall number and percentage of circular jobs are generated. This total is also broken down by sector, circular economy strategies and across core, enabling and indirectly circular jobs. 

The Circular Jobs Monitor provides policymakers, economists, and labour organisations with insights into the relationship between the circular economy and the labour market. These insights can facilitate the design of evidence-based strategies for promoting the circular economy, required education pathways, and a benchmark of current circular activity against which to monitor future progress.

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