Circular Economy "in Vogue" at Helsinki Fashion Week

July 16, 2018

As part of Circle Economy's ambition to place circularity on an international stage and bring the topic to a wider audience, we are proud to announce our official partnership with Helsinki Fashion Week. Helsinki Fashion Week is the world’s first Fashion Week aiming to be 100% sustainable and is taking a ground-breaking stance by putting the circular economy front and center. Circle Economy is thrilled to become an official knowledge and content partner to this progressive platform. Circle Economy will support Helsinki Fashion Week in presenting the topic of circularity to a wider fashion audience.   This year’s event, that takes place from the 20-25th July, rests on the twin pillars of the circular economy and sustainability. 30 brands, who are all integrating environmental and social sustainability at their core with garments crafted from recycled materials or natural and reusable fabrics, will be brought together in a celebration of all things circular. Pick of the bunch is The New Normal project, a closed loop fashion collection produced in collaboration with WFF and the Infinited  Fibre Company. Since an estimated 80% of a product’s environmental and economic impact is determined at the design stage, empowering designers to make the right decisions, and rewarding those who are already are, will undoubtedly accelerate the industry's transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

We are thrilled to be able to support Helsinki Fashion Week in becoming circular and applaud the bold stance they've taken. It's time that the concept of the circular economy reached the wider fashion community and partnerships like ours are critically needed in order to bring this urgent topic from books to the runway. Circular fashion needs to be the new normal. - Jade Wilting, Head of Partnerships Textiles Programme, Circle Economy

This year’s runway spectacle will be supported by The EcoVillage infrastructure, utilizing green technologies and renewable energy sources to provide for a  ‘zero waste’ event. By showcasing the latest developments and innovation in technology, electronic transportation, mobility and robotics, the village will offer unique experiences by questioning the nature of being, existence, and reality in the evolving world and the fashion industry. Circle Economy is thrilled to see these innovations implemented in practice.

"It is most vital to work and collaborate across industries. It's the ultimate key to realise a circular economy in all sectors and aspects of human life. Circle Economy is a great partner whose knowledge and expertise spans many different sectors and industries and has the ability. Together, I believe we have the power to  inspire people to see the benefits and adopt a circular lifestyle."- Evelyn Mora, Founder Helsinki Fashion Week

Helsinki Fashion Week are clearly focused on and dedicated to creating a more circular and sustainable fashion industry through cross-industry partnerships. If you want to hear more about their commitment to the cause, their Advantage podcast series offers insightful discussions on the challenges and rewards of implementing circularity within the industry and everyday life.

Learn more about our work within textiles here: [cta link=""]Circle Textiles[/cta]

About Helsinki Fashion WeekHelsinki Fashion Week 2018 showcases sustainable fashion designers to international buyers, press, and other professionals in the fashion industry. The event offers new experiences and information to visitors through the EcoVillage platform which is built based on circular and sharing economies. The event aims to inspire sustainable urban development and cross-industry solutions to current and future environmental challenges in the fashion business.About Nordic Fashion Week AssociationNordic Fashion Week Ry (NFW) is an internationally recognised, not-for-profit nongovernmental fashion organisation, working to advance the Nordic and international export of sustainable fashion and business. NFW collaborates and consults several organisations, enterprises, research institutes and other industry events on the themes of circular economy and sustainability. NFW's yearly main project Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW), is held during July 20–25th. The event supports Finnish and international designers by offering them a sustainable and free-of-charge platform, to showcase their creations for the international fashion buyers and press.


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