Circular Brands Workshop

October 8, 2019
Design & Brands

The Circular Brands Workshop brings together the world of strategic innovation consulting and creative brand building. Where the common understanding and analysis of circularity starts from the supply chain perspective, Circular Brands makes marketing, branding and consumer culture the starting point for circular opportunities.

The power of brands

We live in an era of creativity, where we can redesign everything from the ground up – including how we do business. Brands have the power to do this. They have the opportunity to drive business innovation and change consumer culture and consumption. But how do we create brand & business growth whilst creating a positive impact on society?

We invite you to learn from circular leaders sharing their best practices, insights, experiences and tools to become the driver of a circular vision, able to envision and map a circular future for your brand. Learn how to apply design thinking methods to create a portfolio of circular brand opportunities with your team and join the growing network of circular brand pioneers.

Join the Circular Brands Workshop

Circular Brands is a one-day innovation workshop rooted in a co-creation approach. Brands can participate with a multidisciplinary team of creative, brand, design and marketing leaders, and other leading brands. The workshop is led by a team of circular experts, creative/design coaches and experienced innovation facilitators.

During the workshop brands will map and create a circular future vision, define brand-led business opportunities and develop brand concepts, products and services, and create a roadmap for implementation and circular leadership development.

Are you interested to join our Circular Brands Workshop? The Next edition will take place on the 11th of December in Amsterdam

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