Circle Economy presents: all that cities need to know for their circular journey

December 20, 2018

Cities and regions hold huge potential for circular disruption. Their secret weapon? Policy! Circle Economy is excited to share 300+ examples of circular policies from over 40+ countries to the Knowledge Hub - the world’s largest open-access case study library of circular initiatives, technologies, and now, policies. By sharing practical examples of circular policies, cities and policymakers throughout the world can share their knowledge and expertise to overcome the barriers towards a circular future. The collection of inspiring cases have been collected in collaboration with ICLEI, and with the support of the Goldschmeding Foundation.

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Breaking down the barriers to circular knowledge

In 2017, Circle Economy recognised the huge need for a single location that assembles practical knowledge, expertise and example of circular solutions that are proven to work. The solution? The Knowledge Hub - the world’s largest case study database of circular businesses, initiatives - and, now, circular policy is added to that list. The platform provides an open-access platform for cities and policymakers to connect and further share their experience and expertise on circular policy.

Throughout the world, successful circular policies are blooming. Yet, all too often, this knowledge and experiences of these circular policies are held in silos, hidden away. Now, the Knowledge Hub for circular policy aims to break down these walls.

300+ circular cases across 40+ countries

Building upon the policy framework created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2015, the 300+ circular policies span 25+ policy instruments that are boosting the transition to a circular economy throughout the world; from circular procurement to collaboration platforms; landfill bans to green bonds. To give a taste of some of the innovative circular policies that can be found on the Knowledge Hub, here are three inspiring examples from European cities and regions;

As the recognition of the circular economy continues to grow, globally, so too will the library of circular policies in the Knowledge Hub. Open-access and collaborative, this digital platform will continue to empower and inspire a global community of circular changemakers. We invite cities and policymakers to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices on circular policies to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.


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