October 18, 2022
Jobs & Skills, Cities

A shift to a circular economy will impact labour markets both locally and globally: while some jobs will disappear or change in nature, new circular jobs will emerge. But which jobs are already part of the circular economy? Where are they located? How are these jobs distributed across sectors?

We have explored these questions during a research project conducted in collaboration with Circular Economy Switzerland, and funded by the MAVA Foundation. The project aimed to assess the current state of circular jobs in Switzerland and understand how some of its cantons (Bern, Basel, Zurich and Vaud) could scale up its circular economy activities.

Looking at jobs and how they interact with each other in the circular economy is a way to demonstrate the economic feasibility and key social and environmental benefits of the circular economy, so as to motivate different stakeholders at national and local level to be part of the country's transition.

Check out the results on our Circular Jobs Monitor:

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