All we want for Christmas is a circular world

December 10, 2017

The countdown to Christmas is almost over, and while we have been good this year, we are not going to ask for a lot this holiday season- only this: put circularity at the top of your shopping list, and join us in our movement to go #beyondblahblah.

All we want for Christmas is a circular world

Our gift to you: an Instagram advent calendar to showcase circular products as gift ideas for your loved ones, share inspiring stories of how others are moving straight to practice, and hold exciting giveaways from circular businesses!We are already a week away from the big winter celebration, so here are 10 circular holiday gift ideas for those of you still looking for inspiration!

  1. Giveaway: Wolkat. The innovative, international group of recycling companies. Wolkat contributes to a happy and cleaner world by creating new products from old materials! controlling the entire recycling chain. Their business is based on 4 pillars: reduce, re-use, recycle and recreate; “where others see waste, Wolkat sees a new raw material”.

This holiday season we partnered up with our Circle Member to help our community go #beyondblahblah. You could be the owner of a beautiful and warm, 100% recycled scarf. Head over to Instagram for instructions on how to participate! See Wolkat’s projects.

recycled scarf
  1. Giveaway: Recover. Recover enables a closed-loop and sustainable fashion industry, through the creation of ‘Recover’ (recycled) yarns that go into long-lasting and high-value products. Christmas is all about giving, so we teamed up with Recover and RePack  for another Xmas giveaway!

Here's your opportunity to win a Recover’s R blue shirt: a classic t-shirt made with a blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton and post-consumer RPET bottles. Your gift will be shipped with RePack’s innovative and reusable package. Visit our Instagram account to participate!

t-shirt made with a blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton
  1. RePack, offering zero waste packaging for all! RePack saves the world from trash with its innovative reusable and returnable packaging! It allows you to shop online guilt-free as no packaging materials will be wasted in the delivery (or return) process.

”Find out which brands have already made the choice to “Pack. Unpack. Repack and Repeat”, and order your gifts online- no need to return the package until after the holidays!,When you do, you will get a discount voucher to spend at any of their partner brands,including: Mud Jeans, Filippa K, Zazu Amsterdam, Supergood Store and many more! Find out who is #RePacking

  1. MudJeans, keeping unworn denim out of your closet. MudJeans CEO’s, Bert van Son, introduced the ‘Lease A Jeans’ approach in 2013; allowing individuals around the world to enjoy denim without waste. Mud Jeans customers can either buy or lease modern jeans that are manufactured with circularity in mind. You can give your loved ones a year subscription of MUD Jeans for only €7,50 a month!

Find the perfect pair of jeans.

  1. The Next Closet, the sustainable marketplace for second hand designer clothes. This Christmas, be circular and gift vintage! The Next Closet allows you to shop responsibly by extending the life cycle of high-quality items.

See their Christmas collection for inspiration.

  1. Hulaaloop, parent’s ideal solution to baby clothes. Babies grow in a blink of an eye, outgrowing their clothes in -what it seems - seconds! Hulaaloop has the perfect solution for all parents out there: a subscription-based model where you can switch your baby's clothes once they don't fit anymore!

Explore Hulaaloop’s gift packages.

Happy women with kids
  1. C&A, “the world’s largest provider of organic cotton”. One garbage truck of textiles is thrown away EVERY second. To tackle this issue, the C&A Foundation, C&A, and Fashion For Good developed the 'BioCotton' line collection- on sale at C&A. The collection includes over 200 different products that are Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and can be recycled or added to your home compost!

Shop the BioCotton collection!

Shop the BioCotton collection!
  1. Brightloops, true circular clothing. Their clothes produces zero waste and is made from 100% recycled materials. This winter, say goodbye to winter blues with Brightloop’s knitted denim scarf. This circular goodie is made of recycled denim yarn from old Amsterdam jeans and PET bottles. A great holiday gift this season to keep your loved ones warm. Brighloops

Find your winter scarf.

winter scarf
  1. Fairphone, the modular phone that’s built to last. With Fairphone, not only will your loved one be able to easily replace their screen or battery, but you will also contribute to creating positive social and environmental impact. Their products are designed to be long-lasting, facilitating the re-use and recycling of their materials- which also happen to be gathered and assembled in good, fair working conditions! This holiday season, give the power of connectivity!

Start exploring Fairphone2.

  1. Auping nights, better days. Auping is a Dutch bed manufacturer. With circularity in mind, they have the ambition to become Cradle-to-Cradle certified by 2020 through the implementation of three key pillars into their organization.

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with Auping!

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Make the wish for a circular worldMake sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated! [hr]Together, we can make this Christmas circular. Happy holidays!

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