A circular vision for Spain’s B30 region and its industrial network.


This report identifies B30’s economic sectors with the highest potential for implementing circular strategies, honing in on the 16 most impactful strategies. 

As a frontrunner in the circular economy, the study sets the B30 region next to other European cities and regions that have taken part in a Circle City Scan—such as Bilbao, Amsterdam or Prague. Representing the circular vision for the B30 region, it presents a visual roadmap that identifies the opportunities and starting points for fostering the transition to a circular economy. The document prioritises the economic sectors with the greatest potential for circularity and proposes 16 circular strategies in these areas—the greatest potential emerging in the agri-food, packaging, metal and chemical sectors.

This document is the result of collaboration between different agents and entities, led by the Association Àmbit B30, and with the input of Fundació Fòrum Ambiental, inèdit and Circle Economy.

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