10 Step Guide to Creating a Financeable Circular Business

December 9, 2016

The circular economy is here to stay! Governments, companies and consumers are recognising, more and more the economic advantages of circular strategies, in addition to their environmental benefits. New end-of-life solutions, chain collaboration and circular design principles are becoming inherently part of future-proof, business models.

However, when deciding on which circular strategies to implement the financeability of a business is also affected.  For example, product-service combinations are seen as a promising, future earning model, but they currently encounter considerable funding challenges. Challenges such as securing stable cash flows, reducing risks and matching investments with payback periods, are important to address. Additionally, evolving business strategies including, changing value propositions and chain collaborations should be topics on the agenda. Enabling the transition towards these new business models is key to successfully implementing circular business strategies and future-proofing our economy.

In order to better understand how these challenges could be addressed, Nederland Circulair! partners, Circle Economy and The Sustainable Finance Lab, worked with circular business managers and financiers to identify ways to fund circular business strategies, a key element they desperately need to achieve.

The result is our, latest publication: 10 Steps to Creating a Financeable Circular Business. The guide will empower businesses to secure funding for their circular ambitions and initiate strategic decision making with the help of 10 practical steps.

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