cities that meet the needs of all people...

... within the means of the planet

About the programme

With practical tools, methodologies and on-the-ground support, the Circle Cities Programme empower a global community of cities and businesses to implement practical and scalable circular strategies that boost economic and social prosperity within the environmental boundaries of our planet. 
Cities are the centre of human activity. Today, over 55% of the global population lives in cities, and they are the hotspots of innovation, culture and collaboration. Despite occupying just 2% of the Earth’s surface, the impact of cities spans far beyond their boundaries. Cities generate massive impacts locally and globally, socially and environmentally. 

As cities are driving many contemporary environmental challenges - responsible for 70% global GHG emissions, 60% of resource consumption and 70% of global waste - they also hold the key to curbing the trend and realising a just and safe space for society within the planetary boundaries. 

Guiding Cities through a Circular Innovation Process

Every city holds unique opportunities for circularity. We developed the Circle City Scan to take cities through a fact-based and multi-stakeholder circular transformation process to undercover their circular potential, develop pilot projects, give policy advice and build capacity for circularity. 

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Championing a new paradigm

A sustainable future can only be realised if they work for everyone. Using the Doughnut framework (developed by Kate Raworth), we adopt a holistic and integrated approach towards creating systemic change and strategies in cities, taking the social, ecological and economical dynamics into account. We do this in collaboration with C40, Biomimicry 3.8 and Doughnut Economics Action Lab. 

delivering critical insights

We develop and measure circular metrics to gain a deeper understanding and evidence-base of the assumed benefits of the circular economy. Through baseline measurements, we help cities  understand the impact of the circular economy, as well as monitor and evaluate progress towards reaching their environmental, economical and societal targets.

An international community of cities

True circular change cannot happen alone. We work with an international network of cities and coalitions of urban change-makers to accelerate practical and scalable change towards a more circular future. 

Empowering and building capacity 

To truly accelerate the circular transition in cities, we are developing a suite of tools and services to empower cities and urban change-makers to accelerate their circular transition. Within Circle Lab for Cities - a tailored digital innovation process - cities can go from the orientation of the circular economy, pinpoint hotspots and circular opportunities, and the implementation. While through City Academy, global partners can build the necessary capacity as well as focus on inner transformation and deep behavioural change.


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