March 15, 2019

The Only Recap You Need to Wrap Up Your Week

Couldn't make it to Beyond Next, the Circularity Festival, last month? We compiled all key insights and highlights from the event so you don't miss out!

In a Nutshell

Circle Economy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) welcomed a host of circularity frontrunners to Amsterdam on February 7th and 9th for Beyond Next, the circularity festival. Beyond Next brought together a great mix of industry professionals and the next generation of young talent for two days of speeches, panel discussions and workshops. We are especially grateful to our four partners, ABN AMRO, HEMA, the City of Amsterdam, and Nationale Postcode Loterij for making the festival a big success! Check out key facts and figures about the festival here!

Circular + Collaborative Innovation in Action

The festival also hosted four challenges on themes of urgent importance and global relevance. Within the course of two days, multidisciplinary groups of experts and ambitious students knuckled down and combined their brainpower in an intense circular economy hackathon to develop 12 new solutions to key circularity challenges. The four solutions that won over the jury were presented on stage at the festival and are due to be implemented by challenge partners ABN AMRO, AMFI, HEMA and the City of Amsterdam over the next year. From renting your children's toys to closing the loop on organic waste for Amsterdam's food businesses, these ideas have tremendous potential to advance to the circular economy. Click through to learn more about all twelve solutions here!

New Mindsets Needed

At Beyond Next, more than 40 speakers joined our keynote sessions and panel discussions - a sequence of inspiring, motivational, and at times jaw-dropping speeches on themes related to the circular economy and sustainability. Our plenary session kicked off with a keynote speech from Kate Raworth, self-described ‘renegade economist’ and bestselling author of Doughnut Economics. She made a passionate advocate for the circular economy, urging a cognitive shift from the 20th-century extractive mindset to a new 21st-century generative mindset. Learn more about what it takes to shift to such a mindset here!

When it comes to building circular business models, the key actors in companies and capital markets often experience what has been described as a split heart. What is a viable pace of change? Is there a certain ‘trade-off’ between divergent values? Is it possible to reconcile maximum (often short-term) financial returns and doing the right thing? Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips; Carola Wijdoogen, Corporate Sustainability Officer of Dutch rail operator NS; and Martin Stuchtey the founder of consulting firm Systemiq, joined us on stage to make the practical case for circular business models.

Relieve the inspiration and action:

Beyond Next 2019

Browse through the livestream here:
All about the Doughnut and Circularity in practice!
Megatrends and solutions
Business opportunities in Circularity
The Circular Economy mindset and Fashion beyond growth
The way forward: How to move ahead & beyond

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Watch this space for more key learnings from the festival! Please, stay in the loop!

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