June 21, 2020

Circular Jobs Initiative successfully launched

With a kick-off event in Amsterdam and online events in partnership with Circular City Week New York and the European Policy Centre

Circle Economy has successfully launched the Circular Jobs Initiative with a kick-off event in Amsterdam in March 2020, an online event during Circular City Week New York and an online event in partnership with the European Policy Centre on 16th June 2020.   

During this final event, Fostering Decent Work in the Circular Economy, we were joined by 175 guests from across sectors and an esteemed panel of speakers, including Benjamin Denis (IndustriAll), Marek Harsdorff (International Labour Organisation), Ryan Gellert (Patagonia), William Neale (European Commission), with moderation by Claire Dhéret (European Policy Centre). Together, we explored the interlinkages between the transition to a more circular economy and quality jobs, drawing on our recent report on Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy: State of Play and future Pathways.

Have you missed the event? Listen back to it here.

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