October 24, 2016

RePack joins Circle Economy Membership

Always keeping in mind their motto, "The End of Trash!", RePack tackles packaging waste associated with e-commerce. It offers returnable and reusable packaging that rewards its users for every order. RePack sleeves are designed to be used for at least 20 times. Comparing one RePack to 20 disposable packages showed that RePack has a 50 % lower carbon footprint then throw away packages.

“Circularity and reuse are core values of RePack. We hope that together with Circle Economy we will be able to connect and partner with other like-minded companies that have circularity at the heart of their organisation. As a company based in Helsinki we sometimes feel removed from Europe's hotspots. That is why we look to partner with forward thinking organisations like Circle Economy to share our message about reusable packaging."- Jonne Hellgren, CEO RePack

So how does it work?

Deliveries are packaged and shipped in reusable RePack sleeves and consumers return the sleeves by simply dropping them into any mailbox, anywhere in the world, free of charge. Once returned, customers are rewarded with a discount voucher to use at any company that uses RePack's sleeves.

“We are very happy to welcome RePack to our Membership! In addition to reducing packaging waste, their beautiful and simple designs are perfectly suited to support circular business, take-back schemes and reverse logistics models. In particular, we see these types of solutions as key to enabling a circular fashion industry. We look forward to working with RePack through the Circle Textiles Program and beyond.”- Gwen Cunningham, Lead Circle Textiles

Around 25 retailers are already using RePack! All participating stores, including our member MUD Jeans, can be found here. To learn more about RePack visit their website or watch their company video below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arA_fGLh74g

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